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Author Topic: ติดตั้ง เซตอัพ Google Pixel Buds สำหรับ iPhone และ Android  (Read 2006 times)

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Google Pixel Buds Requirements & Specifications

Set up Google Pixel Buds

Step 1. Unpack Pixel Buds
If there's a protective film between the earbuds and the case, remove that before charging.

Step 2. Charge Pixel Buds

Before setting up your Google Pixel Buds, charge them in the case with the lid closed for 10 minutes.

If you see a pulsing amber LED , your device battery is low and not ready to pair. Please wait for a few minutes until you see a single white LED pulsing.

Note: Charge safely. Before charging, please be sure you read and follow the safety information about charging Google Pixel Buds at or in the "Be Safe" guide included with your Google Pixel Buds.

Step 3. Turn on Bluetooth
On your mobile device's Home screen, tap Settings > Bluetooth.
Turn on Bluetooth .

Step 4. Pair Google Pixel Buds to your mobile device
On your mobile device's Bluetooth menu, tap on the Google Pixel Buds headphones to pair them with your phone.

Reconnecting Google Pixel Buds to your phone
When you need to reconnect your Google Pixel buds to your phone, double tap the right earbud. If your Google Pixel Buds are in the charging case, simply open the case and remove the buds to begin the reconnecting process.

Connecting your Google Pixel Buds to additional devices
Google Pixel Buds can be paired to a total of 8 devices. If you want to connect your Google Pixel Buds to an additional phone, or simply change the phone they're currently connected to, place them in the charging case, and once the green LED is visible, hold the case button for three seconds to put them in pairing mode. While in pairing mode, the Pixel Buds will be ready to connect to your new device.

Get started with the Google Assistant on your phone or tablet

To use the Google Assistant, you’ll need a device with:

Android 6.0 or higher
On tablets, you need Android 6.0–7.0
Google app 6.13 or higher
Google Play services
1.4 GB of memory and 720p screen resolution
Device's language set to a language listed above

Get started with the Google Assistant on your phone or tablet
What you need
iPhone with iOS 9.1 or higher
Phone’s language set to a language listed above
Google Assistant app
** Swiss store to the US store, Change your country/Region to United States **

Google Pixel Buds Hardware Limited Warranty | USA/CANADA
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